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Welcome to the Official Cupcakes Guild Website
Guild News

im not dead yet....

luvOmilk, Jun 8, 11 10:29 AM.
see u all soon

Good & Bad Rumours

luvOmilk, May 9, 11 11:15 AM.
I know that it has been a long time since i have posted anything in this section. First off i like to state a few facts to correct any rumors that have been circulating in the game/guild lately.
  1. I did not quit the game or been taken over by my guild members
  2. I left for a week because I was extra busy with business related reasons
  3. Cupcakes will still be the best guild on server even if i am not around
  4. Milk is MIA because someone sucked all of her blood
  5. We have mature and friendly members whom are willing to work together as a team and conquer any challenges that we may cross.
  6. Everyone been doing great on Guild base Quests and working very hard to make sure our Guild Base is always the best

 Great Job Cupcakes!!!

Guild Base

luvOmilk, Apr 11, 11 10:19 PM.
The time has come for Cupcakes to have our very own base where all cupcakes can call home. The Bidding for Guild bases has started as of 18:00 today and will end on Wed 21:30 sever time. We hope everyone is willing to donate to this cause, no matter how great or smalll the amount is. All donations will be recorded and kept for future reference. All doantions can me mailed to myself and a submission made under Guild Progressions in the forums. Thank you all for your support.

Time Differences

luvOmilk, Mar 30, 11 3:47 AM.
Hello everyone, I have recently been monitoring the level of activity in the guild and the different times that people log on to the game. There seems to be three main time zones that  our members originate from. Those from North America, Asia/Pacific and Euorpe. I have created a few new threads in the forums in relation to this issue and i hope everyone could take a look and allocate themselves to their particular time zone , so that it would help us organize the guild more efficiently and productively.

Guild Level 3 Achieved!!!

chumani74, Mar 20, 11 4:59 PM.
Congo Ratz to everyone's hard work... We are now one of the first level 3 guilds on the server! 


Keep doing those guild quests, and we will only improve.  We also are now a full guild, plus or minus a member or two each day.  If you know someone who wants in, tell a leader and it will be done if possible.  Alot of the higher members are working on different jobs, so if you run into a quest that requires something you do not have the skill for, ask in the forums or in guild chat.  Chances are, someone has it and willing to help out a guild member.  We are a team, help out in your part and it will be returned in like.  Have fun and see ya in game!
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